Marriage Will Ruin Your Relationship

Marriage Will Ruin Your Relationship

Think it’s hard just finding someone to be with, try marrying someone. I’ve never been a champion for marriage on the sole basis that religion has forced so many young people to marry before sex, it’s bred nothing but young idiots stuck in a marriage purely because they didn’t want to “burn in hell”.

What these religion dictators are not making clear is that marriage is harder than the relationship that lead to marriage. How to handle finances? Do you want kids? How to raise the kids you do have? What to do 13 years from now? Everything is about the hunt for sex but no investment on what marriage will do to your relationship. What having kids will do to your relationship.

Guys: Your friends are gone! None of your single friends want to hang with a married guy as much as they do with their fellow single friends. Why? Because we don’t want to hear about how you went camping, drape shopping and how comfortable your balls are in your wife’s purse. Your single friends want to hear about the basketball game. How you got so pissed off you needed to fix a hole in your wall.

After you get married SHE takes over and if SHE doesn’t get her way, your life and everyone around your life has to deal with it. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Sure you can consider that till death do you part clause. Then you end up away from everybody any way for the rest of your life. You can divorce her, but then you have to deal with the judgmental eyes of your religions leaders and the back pain from sleeping on your moms couch in lieu of the cartoon size alimony check you send HER every month. So I guess you’re stuck.

But don’t worry, you’re not going to hell from having sex before marriage… you’re already there! Ain’t it great?

Girls: Marriage is perfect for you. You hate the relationship part. If you could skip the relationship part and get right to marriage so you can gain control, everything would be perfect in your world. The relationship part requires you to be flexible, understanding, and willing to hang with his grimy-ass friends. The marriage part, you’ve evolved to learn the power your crotch has over the decision making part of the male brain.

Trust me, marriage is over rated. It’s nothing like our grandparents marriage. Not telling you to never marry, just make sure you’ve experienced life. Think of it this way, when a guy shows up for the wedding all eyes are on the bride and until the husband dies all eyes stay on the bride. Live your life and don’t let marriage ruin your relationship.

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