cory blaze afterthelevelsAfterTheLevels a blog by cory blaze, is from the mind of internet radio talk show host Cory Blaze.

With a desire to continue his pursue of interactivity with listeners of his show, Cory Blaze along with BDB Radio Network designed AfterTheLevels.

Covering all topics from celebrity news, gossip, weird stories, personal opinions, rants, and now including featured food review videos.

Cory just can’t get enough. His hand is in it all. The man that won’t sleep until he has touched the hearts and minds of every one on the planet.

With his fellow rang tag team of editors and contributors AfterTheLevels is sure to have something for everyone. From parenting advice to sports news. If it enters the mind of Cory Blaze is going to be on AfterTheLevels.

The name “AfterTheLevels” was designed for exactly what it says, after the levels. Meaning, when the audio levels of his show have gone to zero – his voice can still be heard through the words and post on his blog. It’s a radio term for “when the show is over”.

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