Will and Grace Return Reaction, Was Presumptuous I Apologize

Will and Grace Return Reaction, Was Presumptuous I Apologize

ABC’s Will and Grace has stood the test of time

After 11 years of being off the air, ABC gave new life to the rule breaking – line crossing – sometimes sordid Will and Grace.

I offered by original review of the first episode that aired on September 28, 2017 and as any good blogger should know, when you’re wrong you admit it.

My little sister Tiffany and I were on the phone a few weeks ago and she asked me how I was enjoying the return of Will and Grace. To her wonder I admitted I stopped watching after the first return episode. There were duplicate expressions made to her that I shared in my original post. Tiffany hit to floor. She could not believe that I punched out after the first episode. She further exclaimed that I need to get back in because it got better and better.

With my sisters advice I logged on to the ABC app via my AppleTV and caught up on the remaining 6 episodes. My sister was right and I admit… I was wrong.

The first episode still left things unresolved however the return of some iconic characters did take place as I previously canned in my original review. Leo, Grace Adlers ex-husband played by Harry Connick Jr did return for one episode. Elliot, Jacks sperm donor offspring returned for a very powerful episode dealing with “straight camp”. That episode also introduced us to how someone sits on a couch may dictate their sexual orientation. Minnie Driver reprised her role as well. Even Leslie Jordan returned as Beverly Leslie!

will-grace-season-9-episode-6-megan-mullallyHowever I was not expecting Rosario, Karen’s fire back wise-cracking maids return to be in a pine box. The episode turned on the waterworks for many of us that are Will and Grace original series fans. I wanted to find out why Shelly Morrison, who played Rosario, didn’t return to the reboot. Sources say she is alive and well and has retired from acting. So the creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan wrote her out of the show.

I do hope to see several other iconic guest stars on the next season. Cher. Elton John. Madonna. Alec Baldwin. McCauley Culkin. Brittany Spears. Dax Sheppard. Jennifer Lopez. Rosie O’Donald. And if I can make a guest star suggestion, please oh please bring on President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. I can only imagine how Karen Walker would react to running into the Obamas.

The episodes that followed the first were somewhat true to the original series. The physicality of their characters returned. The sultriness of Karen Walker with the underlining hint of lesbionic tendencies is back in full tilt.

One thing. The storylines all end in each episode. The original Will and Grace Series took story lines across several episodes. Like Jack and Elliot’s relationship. Wills struggles with being a lawyer. Graces divorce. I guess we can only hope that if and when they return for Season 2 (or Season 10 if you all them together) maybe the story lines will bleed over. Certainly the Grace Cancer scare could have clearly been milked for a few episodes.

All in all, I retract my original review of the first episode. I wasn’t impressed by it, but I was too quick to bail out. The episodes that followed the first were indicative of the style, humor, energy and intrigue the original 8 seasons gave us. I stand in wait for the next set of episodes. ABC’s Will and Grace has stood the test of time.

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