Violence in America, A Single Response

Violence in America, A Single Response

We will never rise up while divided.

The recent tragedy in Las Vegas is another example of how America is damaged. We grow more and more divided by our political views, religion and race while these senseless acts of violence continue to plague this great country.

When those shots began to rain upon the innocent people attending that concert, there wasn’t one person saying “if you’re republican I’ll help you” or “of you are white I’ll help you”. The true spirit of America came to the forefront and everyone was Americans for all Americans.

We will never rise up while divided. I’m sick of wearing black ribbons. I’m tired of praying for this region of the country and that region of the country. There has to be a dialog that leads to an agreement between gun control, mental health and health insurance. All three are the answers to these acts of domestic terrorism. But it will take working together, which that in itself is the problem.

Until we force the hands of our elected lawmakers to step up, work together and make a reasonable change every finger of every American citizen was on that trigger in Las Vegas, Charleston, San Bernardino, Orlando and every location a massacre has unfolded in the country.

My blog and radio show is intended to be a place of fun, folly and lightheartedness. But I’m finding it more difficult to foster entertaining content for a county and a world so broken.

The below video is a full example of what needs and must take place. Put aside the past accusations and personal feelings of Michael Jackson, turn on your ears and open your heart to the words of this song. Heal the World. For the future of yours and my children rest in our hands. Will you hold those accountable; accountable? Or will you continue to pull the next trigger and pin on the next black ribbon?

Watch, Listen and Live.

I’ve also instructed my team to disable the comments of this post because I don’t want to provide another platform for the underbelly of this society to spew their politically or racially driven responses.

Heal this country and this world.