TV Competition Show Rankings

TV Competition Show Rankings

Which shows are favor’d out of a certain genre of programming.

Flipping through the channels on your overpriced cable package you will discover three kinds of entertainment; reality, competition or sports. I don’t count news outlets as entertainment.

Though I’m not a fan of reality TV programming, I am a fan of competition shows. For the record, yes there is a difference. Reality TV follows overtly good looking people in staged situations and personality clashes, whilst competition shows present challenges to people with real talent.

Quite often on my weekly internet radio show I’m asked which shows do I favor out of a certain genre of programming. So, I’m here to give my breakdown as they were presented to me via twitter.

Category: Performance Singing Competition Shows
Jennifer_HudsonAmerican Idol. Americas Got Talent. The Voice. The X-Factor.
Choice: American Idol.
Reason: This show has produced actual stars that were successful in transitioning from the show to being a viable performer. When a runner up or third place holder can have a more successful career over the winner, its clear the show can produce real talent. Sad the show over played its hand and ended, but no other can replace the first seven years.

Category: Food Network Shows
Cutthroat Kitchen. Cupcake Wars. Next Food Network Star. Iron Chef.
Choice: Cutthroat Kitchen
Reason: The hardest choice to make by far, I love all these shows but Cutthroat Kitchen is so engaging. The creative producers that dream up those sabotages and nothing more but geniuses. Forcing a classically train chef into a ball pit to cut roast beef is hilarious. Alton Brown as the sinister host is brilliant.

flip rodriguez

Category: Physical Competition Shows
The Amazing Race. Fear Factor. Wipeout. American Ninja Warrior
Choice: American Ninja Warrior
Reason: Hands down A.N.W. walks away with this one. During the show I invented a game called water or buzzer. I play it with friends, will the person on the course take a swim or will they hit the buzzer. And you can’t overlook the beautiful bodied specimens who compete on this show. My favorite, Flip Rodriguez. The guy is the G.O.A.T.

What’s your favorite and why? Share in the comments.