Roseanne Show Nine Episode Reunion Special, Yes but No

Roseanne Show Nine Episode Reunion Special, Yes but No

With one of the main characters dead. Reuniting this cult 90’s TV classic will be challenging.

One of the greatest shows of the 90’s, Roseanne, began talks about a reunion show back in April of 2017. Although the hype has died down a bit, even after the two main actors agreed to return – Roseanne and John Goodman. As a diehard Roseanne fan, the show can return but the storyline could be contradictory to it finale.

I’m warning you, this is going to get pretty deep inside the sitcom world of Roseanne.

In the final two seasons of Roseanne, the story line took a hard left. Till this day no one really understands why the show went the route it did. Many avid fans punched out due to the oddity of seasons 8 and 9.

Season 8 the sitcom took the bare knuckles hard time family of the Connors and gave them a multi-million dollar lottery win fall. Completely changing the trajectory of the family. Darlene got married after becoming pregnant and Becky (no. 2) was planning on telling the family they were expecting.

One significant story arch took place during Roseanns season 9 finale monolog. She revealed Dan died after suffering a heart attack at Darlene’s wedding. She explains the lottery winning, Dan cheating, and hobnobbing with the rich and famous was all made up in her head after his death. The denotation of the scene was set by Roseanne walking around the house with everything being back the way it was prior to the lottery winning. Giving credence to it all being imagined.

dans heart attachIf the show is planning a special eight part series, Dan is dead. Yes, the show can return picking up where they left off, but the second main character of the show is dead. It would be like bringing back Seinfeld without Elaine. Sure there could be a story line, but it just wouldn’t make much sense. Could you imagine the amount of back pedaling the show would have to do just to make it all line up.

Or will they just completely scrap it and start all over? If that’s the case, they can’t call it a reunion – it would be a new show staring the cast of Roseanne.

The final two seasons of Roseanne left a lot of people baffled and the rumors swirling around Roseanne, the actress’s mental state aided in the weirdness. Season 1-7 were phenomenal. The comedy was just enough. The sensitivity of issues were masterfully delivered. A reunion would almost be like re-aging a fine wine. It can be done, but with a higher probability the end product would suffer.

I will be front row for the reunion. Rumors has it that Roseanne’s former network ABC and Netflix are scratching for the opportunity.Preferably Netflix, I surmise that’s where most of Roseanne’s former audience is – it will also allow for a bit more edge. Nevertheless I’ll watch it whomever picks it up and I wish it luck on getting around Dan’s obvious death.