Cell Phones Have Taken Away the Art of the Slam Hang Up

Cell Phones Have Taken Away the Art of the Slam Hang Up

Nothing is better or more self-gratifying,

You’re on the phone with someone that is screaming and arguing with you. Maybe it’s your lover or ex, a bill collector or your parents. You’ve reached the point that you’ve had enough but you want to get the last punch in. So you slam down the phone receiver on its base sending a jarring slam sound through to the other end leaving the person dismayed at the fact you slam hung up on them.

Those days are over.

With today’s technology if you want to hang up on someone, in exclamation of frustration, the most they get is a gentle three tone beep on the other end. It doesn’t lead the person to believe you hung up, the first thing that comes to mind is that they dropped the signal. Prompting them to call you back and resume the tongue lashing.

If you try to slam hang up today it will cost you the insurance premium to have your phone replaced. The final hurt is all yours. Don’t slam hang up on someone with your $650 cell phone.

art of the phone slamNothing is better or more self-gratifying than the classic slam hang up. It sends so many messages. It lets the person on the other end know you’ve heard enough and you won’t even justify their argument with a goodbye or an eff you. You get the final word and there is no good response to a slam hang up.

The slam is the biggest explanation point to a phone disagreement. The other party is so irate after being slam hung up on, they go off on themselves where ever they are leaving you to bask in the glory of satisfaction you got the last word in – even if it was a sound effect.

Because I am all about community building, I’ve found the second most effective way to virtually slam hang up on someone – using today’s technology. When you have reach the point you want to end the conversation, just place your cellphone down. Don’t hang up. Let the other person who is scream just start to hear you going on with your life doing what you do. Eventually, they will hang up on themselves. Brilliant! Once you hear the gentle three tone beep, return to your phone and block their number until you’ve believe they’ve calmed down and can rationally continue your conversation.

But if all else fails and you need that slam hang up experience. Tell the person on the phone your battery is dying and you will call them back. Because the person on the other end wants to get the last word it, they will allow you to call them back. Now, get to a land line phone or if available a payphone (nothing is better than a payphone slam hang up) call them back then… slam hang up and enjoy your day.