A Popular Restaurant Is A Crowded Restaurant

A Popular Restaurant Is A Crowded Restaurant

You see it advertised and you want to go, but know it’s always crowed

Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen or heard of a popular restaurant, gather up a few friends and attempt to make a night of it only to have the worst dining experience ever. Or, try to impress a business contact by taking them to a new featured restaurant, just to have the conversation be more about the horrible service than the business at hand. I can’t be the only person to have experienced this.

There are several very popular restaurants in the Phoenix area and around the valley, that look good on paper, have exceptional social media presence, but when I drive by them the place looks like the Gaza strip with cloth napkins and square plates.

Why would anyone want to dine in an overcrowded restaurant? How good can the service be? If it’s wall to wall people, by sheer typicality the servers are over worked resulting in bad table-side care. The cooks and line cooks probability of skipping a detail increases, leaving you with a bad experience and a big check along with the expectation of a tip.

Restaurants have to make money to survive, but applying the airlines theory of overselling and under delivering is a back hoe breaking ground in a grave. As quickly as the word spread about their popularity, quicker will their inability to deliver on said popularity.

Some people are attracted to crowded restaurants with little to no walk space. The only thing I can think about is, what if there was a fire in the kitchen. Would half of us make it out or would the restaurants greed of capacity kill 80% of us?

Then there is the other side of the coin, where the restaurant is packed yet they are able to deliver on service and quality. If you don’t go, then you truly do miss out. It’s all in the gamble and if you do have a bad experience, you can always blog about it… I don’t know anyone who would ever do that. HaHa.