NBA Playoff Blow Outs, Snooze-ville

NBA Playoff Blow Outs, Snooze-ville

Seven games. Lead changes. No ref interference. Now that’s a playoff!

The NBA Playoffs are in full swing with the top 16 teams in the league competing for the national championship title. One reason I get so excited about the NBA playoffs is due to there being a basketball game on TV damn near every night of the week. Like many other NBA fans I have my preferred network to watch the games on (throat clear, TNT) but nevertheless I consume the games on every network.

So in watching the NBA finals and considering the money I’ve shelled out for NBA TV (a premier paid cable service) I go in expecting to see a basketball competition. But what I have gotten are a few blow out games and blow out games have no competition.

An NBA blowout game is a game that one team takes such a commanding lead it’s nearly impossible for the other team to come back with any sense of competition, let alone a win. Has it happened, of course it has and it makes for an exciting experience for the fans watching when a team comes back.

When a team like, let me just pull one out of the air… the Golden State Warriors. When they go up 30 points in the 1st quarter, there is a high probability that they will win the game. That’s all good for the Golden State Warriors. But it takes all the competition and excitement out of the game for me, and I’m a GWS fan (though I’m a homer for the Phx Suns).

Maybe I stand alone on this, but I strongly feel that a game with several lead changes – some physical play, emotions and slam dunks, presents an entertaining game. It’s not entertaining when one team totally dominates the game from the tip, go up 30 points and maintains a 20 point lead throughout the game. I’m not saying it’s unfair, I’m saying it’s not entertaining nor fun to watch. Which leads me to the point of the number 1 seed not playing the 8th seed in the playoff rotation.

The number 1 seed clearly has a higher skillset than the number 8 seed. The number 8 seed barely made it into the playoffs while the number 1 seed most likely had it locked down in early January.

NBA blow out games, especially during the playoffs, are boring. What options do we have to avoid blow outs, change the order of which teams play who. A challenging good up and down game between the number 1 and number 2 seeds at the start would dwindle the playoffs down to two teams that have the most heart and skills. Not just skills.

I want seven games. Hundreds of lead changes. No ref interference. Now that is what I call the playoffs!

Oh, and no more Labron James.