My Four Reasons

My Four Reasons

Why I work so hard and can never give up.

For my entire adult life I’ve been told that I am a workaholic. It’s not often I reveal why. But recent decisions and life moments brought me to a point that I wanted to share.

Many years ago, my life changed. When four young people were gifted into my life. No I didn’t create them all, but that didn’t stop me from loving them like I did.

There is nothing more rewarding, challenging and fulfilling than the love of a child. To know that when they look at you, they see protection, provision, hope and guidance. Without you they are a ship without a captain being tossed by the raging seas of life. And without them, one can feel unaccomplished, less than and incomplete.

On my popular internet radio show I have a phrase that I give to today’s young adults (people under 30) “Don’t do the dirty until you turn 30”. Which means don’t have kids until you’re 30. I say that because a lot of life happens from 18 to 30 and children do change your life to the level that your life is no longer yours. It’s a good change, but many these days are not ready for that kind of change and the only person or persons that loose due to the inability to change is the innocent child.

my four children

The pictured four children are, AJ (left), Ayden (top), Dominic (right) and Cydnee (bottom), with me in the middle.

Recently, my oldest Dominic made a big decision concerning his schooling. It wasn’t a decision that had the family throwing a party, however it was a decision that he stepped up – owned and fully thought through all by himself. He’s 20 years old now. His ability to call me and say “hey we need to talk” brought me to a level of understanding that I hadn’t reached before.

In previous conversations Dominic was always looking for an answer from myself or his mother, but this time Dominic was looking for something new. Something that adults seek… support. He knew his decision wasn’t a cake cutting decision, but he made it. My boy grew up right before my eyes in a matter of minutes. Making a decision and seeking support was a thing mature adults do. I was amazed and shocked at how my little round face boy was and is a decision making man.

My baby boy (who will always be my baby boy) AJ. Is driving. He’s now 16. My middle child Ayden is also 16, starring down the barrel of college and more sports. My only princess, Cydnee 14, just blossoming into a young woman.

These four are what make Cory Blaze… Cory Blaze. No matter how hairy and opinionated they become, when I look into their eyes I still see those innocent little faces just beginning to embrace the world. They are starting to make decisions for themselves. Thinking things through the best way they know how. Yes they still make mistakes and get in trouble, but it’s all at a different level and this is just hitting me. My babies are adults.

As someone with children, you grow as much as they do. You learn as much as they do. Everything you’d hope for your child may not come to be, but that is when we have to take a step away from what we know is right and allow them to grow up. We have to go from parenting to supporting. Rather we agree or not, once they hit a certain age.

This photo represents why my heart beats. Why I can never give up on anything. Why I must try and try again. Fail and fail again. Succeed and succeed again. Why? Because they are watching.

I love these four more and more each day. Rather I created them or not and they love me.