Lost Motivation

Lost Motivation

The motivation was mine to start with and its mine to finish with.

Over the past few weeks I’ve had several people use a phrase I can’t seem to comprehend. Lost motivation.

I may be approaching this through rose colored glasses, but for the life of me I cannot understand how someone can lose motivation for something they once had. Nothing but questions flood my mind. What was the origin of your motivation? What changed that effected your motivation? What motivated you to start in the first place? How many other things in your life have you lost motivation over? Is this a life reoccurrence? All these and more present themselves when someone says they’ve lost their motivation.

Motivation by its definition is the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way or the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

Nothing that will be rewarding comes easy. I am part of an industry that is riddled with destroyed dreams and endless pursuits. Entertainment. When I began FatGuyRadioShow in 2011, it was exciting, challenging and new. Something I had never done before. Through the years it has been scary, I have been defeated, and I have won. To this day, I am constantly pursuing the dream of the show being as large – if not larger, than Adam Corolla. But those defeats and fear-filled times never once swayed my motivation to see the show grow. Even to this day, the show isn’t where I thought it would be but I’m determined to never quit or loose motivation.

What does one think the process was going to be like? Did the loss motivation person believe that once they took one step someone else would take two? It doesn’t work like that. There isn’t a damn successful person on this planet that can say emphatically, “hey, once I took the first step someone magically came along and made my dream a reality”. Hell no! That person worked their ass off, cried their eyes out, came so close to kissing bankruptcy on the lips, lost friends and had to deal with their decisions openly and in secret. But no matter what they had to go through, they never lost their motivation!

Can motivation deflate? Absolutely. It’s completely natural. Motivation is like the ocean tide, sometimes its high and other times its low. But the one consistent thing is there is always movement in the water. Never will you find a time where the tide is so low there is no water. Beaches don’t dry up all the time. This translates; even during those low moments we have to keep moving. We have to re-motivate ourselves. There has been a multitude of times I’ve wanted to give up my radio show. Rather it be due to performance numbers or someone walking out on the show. Hell, I’ve had to fire my own brother. I’ve walked into meetings with my head held high with expectations of something great, only to leave dismissed and made to feel inferior. In my private space I’ve beat myself up for my mistakes. But because it’s embedded deep inside me, no matter how low the tide is I tell myself to keep moving.

You may be saying to yourself, “its not that easy Cory” or “you don’t know or understand what I’ve been through”. And you are right. It’s not that easy, no one ever said it was going to be. Staples got it wrong, there is no easy button. In addition, I don’t know what you’ve been through and I never will. However you started something, you were motivated just like me. That’s the connection we do understand about each other. My radio show may not be your flower shop or bakery. But one connection is we were both motivated, you just claim to have lost yours.

Motivation is not something that can be lost, it’s something that is given up. Because you’ve given up. Let’s get real real for a moment. So you got scared, you got bored, you figured out its harder than you thought or someone who was a vital part of your motivation walked away from you. I understand, it’s all happened to me. The difference is, I told myself if I have to do it alone I will. No matter how hard it got or who walked away from me. The motivation was mine to start with and its mine to finish with.

You didn’t lose your motivation, you simply gave up and you’re shrouding it under lost motivation. You’re not unmotivated you’re a quitter! If I sat down with you face to face I’d probably be able to discern many other things in your life that you quit on. You’re most likely one of those people who say I can never catch a break, I don’t have deep pockets or the right backing. Shut up! No one has everything they need to become what they dream to become. That’s the part you have to work for.

Take yourself mentally back to the moment you originally wanted to do what you wanted to do. How did you feel? Who was around you? Where were you? Dream your dream again then start again. Forget the people that have forgotten you. They’ll be back once they see your waves crashing again. Put aside those that didn’t believe in you. Cry at night but be steadfast by day. Never let them see you sweat. If someone calls you out on something, just respond “I got this. You do you.”

Or if your part of someone else’s dream and you’re losing motivation. Step up. Make yourself valuable to the project. Offer to do more, matter of fact – just do more. It’s okay to have your moment of doubt, but don’t dwell there. Get back in the game. Commit! You signed on for it so now see it through, because I promise you the person you are connected too is counting on you – rather they admit it or not.

Most opportunities become a greater success because when the leader became weak, they were able to strengthen themselves by their scars. Lack of motivation is not an option, when the dream is re-dreamt.