TV Champion Doesn’t Prove You’re the Best

TV Champion Doesn’t Prove You’re the Best

Yes, there is a victor – there has to be – but it’s not because someone did everything perfect

Almost every show on TV is a competition show that ends with a winner. Not to throw any shade on the people that win these shows, because to make it on a competition show you clearly need a high level of talent. But… and that’s a big but, just because someone is crowned the winner doesn’t necessarily make them the best at that field.

Sure the notoriety from being on TV has its exposure benefits to the participant. Many competition show contestants have bloomed into actual TV stars.

Being crown a champion is often based on the fact the other person competing on the show did just slightly less or had a disadvantage. The championship is not because you are the best, it’s because someone else didn’t do as good as you on one particular challenge.

Quite often, it’s rigged for television. Producers of these shows learn and understand each participant’s personality and capabilities. Giving them the power to construct challenges that will elevate one person’s abilities while over challenging another.

I’m a Food Network fanatic. One show in particular that exclaims this concept is Cake Wars. Recently the show has featured champions from past shows competing against other champions. Some of the contestants clearly won by default, because someone had to be a winner. Looking at the winners previous cake proves it was clearly only a win because the other baker did worse than they did. If put to a real challenge and a price tag was attached to what they won with, there would be a totally different outcome. Possibly no one being crowned a winner.

Yes, there is a victor – there has to be – but it’s not because someone did everything perfect making them the best at that particular skill. It may have been contrived by the producers or you just didn’t suck that day which happened to be the final day.

In reality, the highly skilled individuals that could really REALLY win at these competition shows – don’t go on these competition shows.