Snap Chat Prepares to Go Public, Oh No

Snap Chat Prepares to Go Public, Oh No

Damn it, I just got on Snap Chat and now this.

Do you remember how much Facebook changed when it went public? A big win for the company but a disaster for the end user. We are now inundated with ads, small businesses are beat over the head with paying for ads, and what use to come naturally in our feeds is now manipulated by Facebooks’ ever changing algorithm. No one other than a computer programming major knew what an algorithm was prior to Facebook going public. Now Snap Chat has filed.

According to CNN Money Snap Inc. the parent company of Snapchat filed paperwork on Feb 2, 2017 to go public. Less than a month after the filing one of the head executives left the company, Sriram Krishnan. Is this a warning shot over the bow for things to come?

Will we get another Facebook type enviorement after SnapChat becomes a publically traded company?

I just joined Snap Chat after being brow beat on my show and I like the current state of the social media interactive service. It’s basically video text that last 24 hours then goes away. It’s enabled me to communicate directly with listeners of my show (which is something I pride myself on, being accessible to our audience).

However I can’t help but have flashbacks to Facebook and for the most part, Twitters’ IPO filings. Twitters public transition didn’t affect the end user as much as Facebook. There are a few more ads, but Twitter stayed true to its customer base.

Facebook took off into the land of “be on the social site or off. we don’t care”. So many people are use to the site and have even become addicted to it – Facebook could literally classify itself as the Apple of social media. Apple knows its products are overpriced and do a lot of what the cheaper PC’s can do, but because they are Apple and people swear by them (like me) they can sell their computers at an inflated price and we still buy them. Facebook is no different, they will do what they want – up to and including listening to your phone conversations through their app – and you will still have a Facebook page.

My only hope, Snapchat doesn’t take a page out of Facebooks’ book after their IPO is approved. I would hate to Snap my teenager and he have to sit through a Hulu app commercial before he sees my Snap.

Snap Chat, please stay true to your audience. Facebook sucks now and everyone (though they won’t admit it) is standing idle for the next thing to put Facebook to bed right next to Myspace.