Relocation Takes Mine to Ours

Relocation Takes Mine to Ours

Why You and Your Mate Should Move After Fully Committing to Each Other

You’ve said I do or you’ve said I won’t do anyone else but you, so the commitment has been confirmed. Then there is a dreaded decision on who should give up their current living location. Be it their own apartment, house, or roommate situation.

For most men the first thought is move your love into your house. Since you are the “head of household” being able to provide a castle for your love to inhabit with you is a rite of passage. In some mindsets.

On the contrary. Here are a few reasons why, when after committing to a relationship and moving in with each other, a new place should be acquired.

Rather you buy or rent, moving into a new place that neither one of you has ever lived before destroys the concept of “they live with me”. Sure it may be true, but to the relationship this can have its weight. Often never openly discussed, the thought is and will forever be in the subconscious of the person moving in.

Moving to a completely new place takes the “me” and makes it a “we”. We live here. It can bond two people close together as now both of you will have equal shared responsibility and say in your new residence. It’s not his house or her house it’s OUR house.

This is successful for both parties. The person moving in with the other person will no longer feel this was originally their house and the person who owns the house no longer feels they are required to make sure their home will feel like home.

I have often referred to the fact on my show that I would like to provide a castle for my queen, but this thought process has changed my feelings. My castle will be temporary until we can establish a kingdom together.

All relationships need togetherness and what better way than renting or purchasing a new residence.

But beware of the dreaded conversation about who will be on the lease or title. This is not up for discussion in a committed relationship. You both go on the lease or title. If this becomes a point of contention, then you may have uncovered a hidden stop sign that the relationship would have inevitably hit at some point. Good thing is, you discovered it before your social security numbers were listed.

Moving to a new place is a great way to cement that it’s not mine, it’s ours.