Outrage Sleight of Hand Trick We May All Be Falling For

Outrage Sleight of Hand Trick We May All Be Falling For

Poof, now you will be outraged by this and not that. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Most of us think the media is to blame for the lack of focus on the real issues plaguing this country, but have you thought maybe this is the intentions of both the media and government?

Enter conspiracy alert here.

Sure the media has reported stories incorrectly and it has been proven at times they outright lie. But while we are being stunned by the incorrectly reported stories and lies, the real issues are snaking right by us under the cloak of outrage. Its’ called the sleight of hand trick.

Anyone who has ever seen a magician do a card trick, knows it’s all in the sleight of hand and distraction.

While we as Americans are outraged over the reports being released by the media, what’s happening on the other side? It’s become apparent that everything is not known by the American public until after the fact.

We are constantly being tricked into needless outrage allowing more important issues to go unnoticed until there is nothing we can do about it but become more outraged. Ask yourself, the last thing you were outraged about – what ever became of it? Did anything change or did your outrage just get focused elsewhere? Hmm?

Sleight of hand gets us every time. No one knows where that ace of clubs went, all we know is the entire deck turned into jokers.