NBA All-Star Weekend, Wildly Entertaining and Here’s Why

NBA All-Star Weekend, Wildly Entertaining and Here’s Why

It’s wasn’t an over the top flashy look-at-me weekend, it was exactly what passionate NBA fans wanted to see.

The 66th Annual NBA All-Star Weekend took place February 17 – 19, 2017 in New Orleans, LA. I enjoyed watching every bit of this weekend’s showcase surrounding some of the top NBA players currently in the league. Especially because the entire weekend was centered mostly on the late great Craig Sager.

Let me explain why I deemed this years NBA All-Star weekend wildly entertaining. One single thing, it was not the LeBron James show.

The past few years the NBA All-Star weekend has been hinged on LeBron James and his career. All shows need a story line, I was happy to enjoy this year’s story line that centered on Craig Sager and the Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant saga.

There was very little LeBron James. He wasn’t in the dunk contest, he wasn’t in the skills challenge, hell he didn’t even make it up to Area 21 with Kevin Durant. All around there was very little LeBron and I applaud the NBA and TNT for that.

The league needs to let new stars shine and they did just that! Without bias, Phoenix Suns rookie Derrick Jones Jr made it to the finals in the dunk contest, losing to Indiana Pacers swing-man Glen Robinson III. Both Derrick and Glen were rookies to the dunk contest. That was worth watching.

Anthony Davis, aka the brow, took home MVP for his home town that happened to be the hosting city. Anthony Davis a star in his own right, but not a big name like a LeBron or Stephan Curry.

I’m not sure if this was done by design, but seeing the non-big names, or should I say the “soon to be big names” become the focus made the weekend wildly entertaining. Even the celebrity entertainers were on the same level.

It’s wasn’t an over the top flashy look-at-me weekend, I believe it was exactly what passionate NBA fans like me wanted to see. Our NBA stars and some WNBA stars just out having fun at what they do. Sure there was very little to no defense in the game on Sunday, but that didn’t matter because the benches emotional outburst when KD fed Russell was worth it. Stephen Curry laughing and even LeBron James joking with Beyonce’s daughter on the sidelines while the ball was making its way up the court, made for a wildly entertaining 66th Annual NBA All-Stars weekend. No drama – All fun!