Fidgeters Everywhere Are Going Wild For This Product

Fidgeters Everywhere Are Going Wild For This Product

A simple but clever fix for letting us fidget in peace.

Kids fidget. Heck, some adults fidget. In fact, I’m fidgeting while writing this. What if there were a product that could harness all that fidgety energy, allowing the fidgeter to get the wiggles out while remaining seated and focused?

Turns out there is—meet the Bouncy Band. The idea is so simple, yet so awesome. Basically, it is a big ol’ rubber band that can attach to a desk or a chair, thereby giving kids (and soon me) something to bounce their feet on when they are otherwise supposed to be concentrating on a math lesson or, say, a writing assignment.

The product promises to relieve anxiety, hyperactivity, frustration and even boredom. And because they are so quiet, Bouncy Bands work pretty great in a classroom because they don’t disturb or distract other students.

One Arkansas teacher, Jennifer Merriman, liked the idea so much, she decided her entire class needed the Bouncy Bands. The teacher’s brilliance was noted on social media by a school public relations staffer and well, let’s just say we should all thank this wise woman for introducing the greater population to Bouncy Bands.


Looks like we could soon be seeing more bouncing and less fidgeting in classrooms around the country. The post has been shared on Facebook almost 100,000 times in the last week. Its viral status has even prompted Amazon to offer a discount to would-be buyers using promo code: Gravette (the name of the Arkansas city where this brilliant teacher implemented her plan).

The fourth grade teacher says she has already seen a positive effect on her class. The school staffer, Becky Ragnel, that wrote the viral post agrees.

“I watched the students calmly and quietly reading as their feet bounced away, releasing energy that could have been a distraction without these bands,” Ragnel shared on Facebook.

I’m seeing big potential here for home use too—just imagine homework and meal time with a Bouncy Band in the mix. Anyone else have antsy kids who can’t quite seem to keep their cheeks in their seats?

Source: SimpleMost