Conspiracy Ancestors

Conspiracy Ancestors

Grab your trunks and bathing suits, we’re taking a dip in lake conspiracy.

Watching any show on TV there is a good chance you’ve seen the Italian guy who wanted to discover his Italian roots only to unveil he’s really eastern European. It’s an ancestry commercial. Or you’ve seen the African American guy who wanted to know more about his African descendants so he sent his DNA to get a better detailed report of his history.

ancestory commercialKnowing where you come from is all a part of knowing where you’re going. But what price are you really paying to learn of your history?

From the advent of Facebook to Snapchat, we have allowed more access to our lives than our ancestors before us. Knowing that Facebook has willingly admitted they can listen to your private phone conversations we all still utilize their phone app. Snowden is in exile because of his NSA claims. Rather or not these things are actually happening, technology has proven them plausible.

With that in mind, why would anyone want to take that exposure to the next level by paying and sending DNA to a lab with the expectations of getting a history lesson? Where else are your DNA results going? What other database will it be logged in and who can access it?

ancestrydna11Here’s a question for those ancestry type companies. If DNA wasn’t discovered until 1869 and the use of genetic inheritance wasn’t demonstrated until the 1950’s, how are you able to take my money and saliva to tell me about my “ancestors” that lived in an African mud hut in 1802? Is it all an estimation of descendants? The scientific abilities were not available as far back as some of these reports. I recognize that we can extract DNA from century old bones – however not everyone’s bones are still around. So again I question the validity of these reports. Or… is this just a ploy for big brother to collect, identify, log and monitor us on a molecular level?

From grocery store membership cards to insurance company discount monitors in our cars – data is data. It can be labeled, collected, analyzed, tracked and used. These “pay to learn your history” companies are gimmicks. If someone wants to learn about their history, the best way is being close to your grandparents. If they are gone, log off Facebook for a day or two and visit your local main library. There are these things called microfiche, they hold lots of highly accurate information and require nothing more than a twist of your finger. If your local main library branch doesn’t have what you’re looking for, take a plane ride to Washington, DC – the national archives will most likely have what you’re looking for.

If all else fails and you can’t find everything about your history – take it upon yourself to create a new history so your third cousin twice removed 100 years from now can learn what you did to write a new history.

I may have on my conspiracy theorist hat on for this one, however trusting that our private information will be kept private in this day and age is a farce. Nothing is private nothing is safe – if it’s connected to a database. Which is why I can’t figure out how crimes still go unsolved? Every inch of modern human-inhabited space on this planet is monitored in some way. If you don’t believe me ask yourself why a company like LifeLock is in existence. (even after the PhoenixTimes reported their false claims of protection suit)

You won’t catch me sending my DNA through the mail just to get a slightly accurate report back 8 weeks later.