Toddler’s ‘Scary’ Pants Banned From Preschool

Toddler’s ‘Scary’ Pants Banned From Preschool

A mom was told her toddler’s cartoon monster leggings were too scary for preschool.

A mom put her toddler in what she thought was a cute pair of cartoon monster-themed leggings, but they were deemed too scary and were banned by his preschool. Apparently, another mom at the daycare complained, saying the leggings had frightened her child.

According to the Daily Mail, the U.K. mom, under the handle GracyEvans, posted this comment seeking advice on the forum Mumsnet on Nov. 29: “DS [Darling Son] had some leggings on today — they’re gorgeous! They have monsters on (not scary) but apparently he isn’t allowed to wear them?”

She added: “They don’t have a uniform, but apparently a mum said that they scared her daughter. WTAF.”

She also shared a photo of the yellow-and-black monster leggings — made by the U.K. brand Fred & Noah — which look more cute than scary to us. Here’s the same pair by the brand in gray and black:

scary baby pants

The gray version of the leggings that were deemed too scary for preschool. (Photo: Fred & Noah)
GracyEvans clarified in the forum that she’s not unsympathetic to the other child. “I’m not knocking the girl for having a fear,” she wrote. “My son can be scared of trees moving in the wind (when it’s really windy) but I do try and explain to him; I’m not saying it takes away the fear, but I won’t avoid the park, etc. I’ll just try and help him get through it.”

Some posters on the forum said they could see why a little one would find them scary. But most of the moms in the forum agreed with GracyEvans that the request that her son not wear the leggings was unreasonable, with several describing the leggings as “fab.”

Commenter StefCWS wrote: “OMG there’s nothing wrong with these leggings, if there’s no uniform state that he will be continuing to wear them and they have no right to dictate what you put on your child.”

“Fab leggings and I bet little one looks super cute,” caramac04 commented. “Can’t see [if] they’re scary but if so, nursery should be supporting to overcome the fear not banning the leggings.”

NannyR agreed: “I would continue to send him in them. Children do have irrational fears about the weirdest things; I once looked after a child who was scared of butterflies, but it would have been ridiculous to demand that no one wore t-shirts with butterflies on. Instead we worked with her to overcome the fear.”

Do you think the monster leggings are too scary for preschool, or is the school overreacting?

Source: Yahoo