The Adult Crush

The Adult Crush

If you expressed your crush to your crush you might get crushed

Back in grade school little boys would develop crushes on little girls. Boys often expressed their infatuation with a little girl by pushing her down on the playground or maybe pulling her hair. Even though, these encounters never led to wedding vows, nevertheless it proved that crushes were real.

As an adult, crushes aren’t that easy. They are bred from an unfulfilled internal desire, fear and are packed with questionable passion. Why? The fear. It’s the root. If you expressed your crush to your crush you might get crushed. Then that desire remains unfulfilled and the passion will slowly morph into pain.

Have you ever crushed on someone? Don’t think because we’re adults now, that little school yard boy and girl isn’t still inside us.

A crush might be a friend, neighbor, or someone that you see from afar on a routine basis. Don’t confuse a crush with simple attraction. It’s easy to see a person at a mall or movie theater and find them attractive. A crush has to be someone you encounter on a frequent basis and you’re forced to restrain the feelings in order to maintain proper order of the environment. Maybe it’s a work buddy.

To add petro to the flames of passion, if that crush becomes a friend – like with a relationship, the friend-zone is the death zone. You can’t act upon a crush that’s become a friend. Or can you? The risk becomes greater. If you do act upon it and it turns out the wrong way, it’s a double loss – the crush and the friend.

Don’t get me wrong, crushes are fun and exciting. A wise man once said “its not the destination but the journey”. Crushes are just that, they don’t often pan out to be a relationship – but having them just reminds you that you’ve still got it. And if you’re the person that someone has a crush on – be gentle and let them down easy. Most crushes are on someone completely out of their league.