Prevent Scams This Holiday Season

Prevent Scams This Holiday Season

Tis’ the season of gifting, scammers will be on the prowl

This is the busiest time of the year for thieves and scammers. Scammers take advantage of the holiday season when buyers are busy and distracted, but following a few prevention tips will help keep you safe this holiday season.

Monitor your bank accounts regularly- It is important to keep a close watch on your bank accounts regularly, but even more so during this time of year. Always review your purchases to make sure you are being charged for what you actually bought.

Be cautious of online scams- Scammers have different ways of targeting shoppers online. You may notice an increased amount of deals in your email around this time of year, but be careful. Some scammers target online shoppers through phishing tactics.

Be cautious of deals or promotions from retailers you have never dealt with.
Take a second look at URLs to ensure you are on a legitimate website.
Be careful if you placed an order online. You may receive fake email receipt messages or fake shipping notifications. If you purchased something online, you are more likely to click a notice regarding your order and get a virus.
Look out for fake surveys- Be careful if you get an online survey promising some sort of money or gift card in exchange for completing it. A survey can end up being a scam. Look out for surveys that ask for your personal information. Scammers can use your personal information for a phishing attack.

Keep your gifts out of sight- Never leave items inside your car. Keep your purchases out of sight by placing them in your trunk. If you order items online, make sure you require a signature for delivery.