Father Time Has Skipped Vicki Lawrence

Father Time Has Skipped Vicki Lawrence

Raytown, MO is the location of the fountain of youth and Vicki Lawrence has had her fill.

Have you seen actress Vicki Lawrence lately? As I readied myself for work this morning, I overheard a familiar voice coming from my TV. Yes, it was Mama Harper’s familiar lovable southern accent. With the advent of hologram technology being used with some of these old TV shows I figured they’d reanimated some old scene from Mamas Family for the MeTV commercial. Nope! To my pleasant surprise it was truly the incredible Vicki Lawrence recreating her signature character, Mama Harper from the hit TV sitcom Mamas Family.

With my jaw in my right hand I stood in total amazement in how ageless she appeared. Being the skeptical that I am at times, I couldn’t wait to get to my office to Goggle – Vicki Lawrence 2016. And I be skinned whole and covered in salt to cure, Vicki Lawrence is truly ageless.

Many of my younger/millennial readers may not be familiar or recognize Mrs. Lawrence. She is well known for her stint on the Carol Burnett Variety Show that spun off in to her own sitcom Mamas Family that debut in 1983 on NBC. As well as a litany of movies and television appearances that include hosting a game show.


Mamas Family centered on an opinionated elderly woman, “Mama Harper (played by Vicki Lawrence) who shared her house with random family members.

Mrs. Lawrence has always been a beautiful actress, even in scenes that attempted to maker her ugly. The character of Mama Harper existed way before Tyler Perry’s Medea and Martin Lawrence’s Big Momma.

In the early to mid-80’s a character like Mama Harper was un-fathomed on television. Many considered the character too racy for the time. Some would say the Carol Burnett show was too racy. But that proved the trailblazing creativity of Vicki Lawrence and the creators of Mamas Family. The show is iconic and holds the record for being one of the first shows to be ran in syndication, which continues today.

I am amazed at how Vicki Lawrence has succeeded father time. At the age of 67, they have to age her up when she adorns that poke a dot muumuu with lace trim and perfectly laid pearl necklace.

Bravo Vicki Lawrence, tell us what your secret is!