Wine Condoms, Protect Your Unfinished Wine

Wine Condoms, Protect Your Unfinished Wine

Pop your cork with anyone!

Nothing is worse than saving part of a bottle of wine only to have it go bad because you weren’t able to keep it properly sealed. Now you can solve all your wasted wine problems with a wine condom. That’s right, you heard me: condoms for wine.

These condoms are the same size as the neck of most wine bottles, and they create a water-tight seal, which means no more re-corking or having to keep fancy bottle stoppers on hand. Just like regular condoms, these wine condoms come in little transportable packets, making them easy to carry around no matter where you’re enjoying your wine.

The condoms come in packs of six and only cost $13.97 a box, and unlike the other types of condoms you may be familiar with, they’re fully reusable. Whether you keep a box at home for yourself, or you buy them as a gift for the ultimate wine lover, you’ll be happy you no longer have to waste that second bottle of wine you opened when you were feeling ambitious.

The beauty of the Wine Condom is that it sits flush with the rim of the bottle, which means you can seal the bottle without adding an additional inch or two to it. You know how difficult it can be to try and fit a just-slightly-too-tall corked wine bottle into the top shelf of fridge, after all.

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