“Will & Grace” Is Coming Back

“Will & Grace” Is Coming Back

The cast posted a mysterious video teasing a return.

After posting cryptic pics from the sitcom’s set this past weekend, the series stars Debra Messing and Sean Hayes posted a video on social media today announcing the return of Will & Grace.

he 20-second clip doesn’t feature the cast, but it does have an intense action movie soundtrack with words on the screen describing a team of heroes assembling to protect the world from destruction—but if you read the words in red you will notice it spells out, “WILL AND GRACE IS BACK.”

The final words in the ad are “Only they can bring America back from the brink.”

Then the sitcom logo quickly flashes across the screen ending with Karen (Megan Mullally) yelling “Make America bueno again!” We couldn’t agree more.

the brink

Does it have to do with tonight’s Presidential Debate? Is it a political ad for Just Jack? What does it all mean? Only time will tell…