The BIG Outside: Banner Childrens

The BIG Outside: Banner Childrens

Join in bringing this special healing place to life for our patients and families

Right now, you will have to use your imagination to envision this, because this is still a wish. A hope. Something to dream about.

Picture this …

A whimsical amphitheater with a sound system fit for lively performances and yoga programs.
Bicycle tracks and walking paths, sure to be well worn.
Basketball courts for bouncing balls and practicing dexterity.
Tee it up on the miniature golf course and putting green
Boulders for climbing on turf grass.
Zen gardens for thoughtful meditation.
Comfortably-shaded canopies.
Quiet, reflective areas.

How does it help with healing?

Beyond the fresh air, sunlight and open space to run, play and explore, The BIG Outside would be used also for therapeutic programming by hospital staff. Physical therapy, for example, could be incorporated into its features – bringing that often arduous process outside, and using play-related equipment, instead of a more clinical indoor setting.

Why is it needed?

Cardon Children’s Medical Center provides the best of the best in pediatric health care services. Currently, though, the facility does not have an outdoor space for patients to get outside and away form their treatments, or for parents to peacefully reflect and recharge.

Rendering_The Big Outside

Join us in bringing this special healing place to life for our patients and families. Please consider making a gift to help us meet our fundraising goal of $500,000.

Make a gift today and our generous partner Deeann Griebel of Moors & Cabot will match it up to a total of $25,000. This matching gift will effectively DOUBLE the impact you are making.

How to make a donation or how you can get involved with the BIG Outside at Cardon Chidren’s Medical Center, call (602) 747-4483 (GIVE). Or Make A Donation Online today

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