Why Big People Make Great Lovers

Why Big People Make Great Lovers

Society has embedded this false sense of how someone should look in order to be desirable. This is supported by the weight loss industry that is worth more than 14 billion dollars.

What society hasn’t revealed is what makes a heavy person loveable. Many people fall prey to the need for the perfect looking person. And once they enter into a relationship it’s quickly discovered, what looks nice on outside often doesn’t reflect the inside.

Studies have proven that “good-looking” people suffer from body issues more so than heavy people.

Here’s why I believe big people make great lovers:

The Cuddle Factor:
Imagine if you will your big comfortable bed. The bed you think about constantly while slaving away on your job. Bed manufactures for years have designed and sent to market bigger and more comfortable beds. Now imagine if that big comfortable bed had a voice, emotions, thoughts and feelings for you. How about if your bed wanted you as much as you wanted it? This is one aspect of a big person. The cuddle factor is off the charts.

Education Factor:
Big people are notorious eggheads. They do well in school. While all the other tight skinned kids were finding ways to take off their clothes, the big people had their noses in their books. You don’t find many “good-looking” people in high power positions. If you do, there’s probably a story behind it. A big person understands that they will face a greater challenge finding a mate so being able to form an eloquent thought is a tactic used by big people to keep interest. If you like riveting conversation, a big person is a great person to talk to.

Love Factor:
This is the ultimate factor. Big people their entire life has had to endure some harsh realities for being big. They get talked about behind their back and in front of their face. Just walking by a store window and looking at the manikins is a shot to the self-esteem of a big person. So in a relationship they are ultimate lovers. Why? Because they were forced to learn to love themselves first.

Many relationships fail due to two individuals, who never learned to love themselves, seek love validation from their partners. When they don’t get it, strife is often a result.

The heart of a big person is larger than their size. They will love hard the ones who simply choose to love them. After a lifetime of rejection both directly and indirectly, having the chance for someone to love them completely – the return love will be greater.

Honor and honesty is a part of a big persons love. They’ve lived it, searched for it and when it’s found they honor it.

Sex factor:
The physical abilities of a big person can sometimes present its challenges. Not everything is as proportionate as some would think (again with the honesty). But fret not because this is where big people combine their love and education into creativity.

Big people are closet freaks. Whip cream. Toys. Fantasy roll-play. Because the physical abilities may be limited in some aspects, a big person has to find other ways to accomplish the sexual desires that flood a relationship. This breeds excitement and intrigue to anyone who has an adventurous side. Like most big people.

Knowing their physical abilities may be limited, a big person resolves to intensifying the satisfaction of their mate. They get pleasure by giving pleasure. Don’t count out a big persons abilities to engage in sexual intercourse, it may not be conventional sex all the time – but its’ promised to be the time of your life.

Put the fear aside and turn away from that society driven perfection. As my grandmother once said, everything that shimmers ain’t gold and it took more large boulders to build the pyramids that small rocks.

Cory Blaze

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    This right on point. I never realized some of this, love this Cory.

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