Go Topless Day, Breast Through the Shroud of Activism

Go Topless Day, Breast Through the Shroud of Activism

What other than awareness… is raised?

August 28th is Go Topless day, this day is set aside for the advancement of equality for women. The cause alone is remarkable. For hundreds of years women have not gotten a fair shake in many ways, especially in the workforce.

But for a moment, lets stand on the sidelines of this issue and really see what’s truly happening on Go Topless day. Men and lesbians get a chance to see breast through the shroud of activism.

Knowing this isn’t going to be popular, but yet again I’ll say what everyone is thinking. When it all boils down the bottom line is men find a women’s breast to be a sexual turn on. This isn’t wrong; it’s the embedded desires of a heterosexual man.

Nothing about a woman showing her breast makes a straight man think “women’s cause”. They are breast and unless undesired breast entices a mans endorphins to create sexual arousal. Seen or unseen. Sorry women, but its true.

go topless dayThere will never come a time when a straight man says “nudity isn’t sexual” as depicted in this picture I found researching this cause. Simply look at the expression on the mans face, he’s clearly excited to see women topless. Not his fault, it’s the way he was designed.

When women march down the streets in many countries, men line up on the sidewalks. Sure the men hold signs that support their cause, but in their heart or hearts they came out to see the breast come out. Men will pose for pictures, post the pictures and keep the pictures. Other than in front of the activist will the men say they support the cause. When the march ends and the breast go away, the pictures are forever sexualized on the Internet.

Conduct any adult entertainment search and you will find pictures from these so called activist marches. It’s also why this day is trending on Facebook and Twitter.

To even the playing field, it happens with naturist. They assemble for a cause, pose for photographers thinking their cause will receive support and ultimately the pictures show up on a porn site.

Women need equality to men; I feel bearing their breast in a public place isn’t they most effective way to go about it. This issue needs to be taken in front of the politicians and government officials to make waves. Sure the marches raise awareness, but they also raise a sexual intrigue that the activist cannot over look. It’s simply natural.

Cory Blaze

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  1. Patrick J

    Strip club – topless march = same thing. These wemon want to show their breast.

  2. Kenyon S

    Damn Cory how do you come up with this? Brilliant.

  3. Alexander I

    Women equal rights will never happen until they stop doing [edited] like this. Put on a pants suit and march to the white house.

  4. Tyler P

    Do women really think the men out there (that arn’t gay) are really supporting this quote un-quote cause? They’re delusional and I’m a gay man. Nice post Cory. Love your show too.

  5. Frank A

    Hell yeah we’re out there staring at them boobies! Who care’s what they think – I’ll hold any damn sign to see boobs!

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