Happy Wife Happy Life; Wrong… Period.

Happy Wife Happy Life; Wrong… Period.

I just want to punch them dead in the chest and scream into their soul.

Literally couldn’t decide which title to use on this article, I decided to list some of the best ones, then we’ll dive in to the article:

Happy Wife Happy Life; She Married a Bitch Husband
Happy Wife Happy Life; One Sided Control
Happy Wife Happy Life; Grow a Pair Men
Happy Wife Happy Life; Road Map back to Being Single
Happy Wife Happy Life; Complete With Traveling Testicle Case
Happy Wife Happy Life; Cause Being a Man is Hard
Happy Wife Happy Life; There’s Only One Vagina on Earth and She Has It

A marriage is not made up of one person, a wife OR a husband. Marriage is two coming together as one. Equal parts to create a whole.

When I hear married male friends say “Happy Wife Happy Life”, it makes my skin crawl and I just want to punch them dead in the chest and scream into their soul.

That phrase means two things: 1) Your wife runs your life 2) She married a punk bitch. A wife that puts the home under distress because she’s unhappy about something the husband did is a horrible wife. Every marriage will have disagreements. No one person’s unhappiness should weigh heavier than the other. Why do husbands find this behavior acceptable? Maybe it’s more about the lack of the man’s ability to be a man.

Wives that lock their husbands out sexually or boycott doing what they’ve always done in their marriage for the purpose of punishing their husbands, should recognize that women outnumber men. Wives should not be surprise to learn their husbands has gone outside of their marriage when “happy wife happy life” is often thrown around their home.

Happy Wife Happy Life is wrong, manipulative and self-gratifying. Women that operate this way and the men that allow it; deserve each other and all the unhappiness that comes along with a one-sided marriage. If children have been introduced into the marriage, this is setting a trend for them. Little girls will learn to control every aspect of their home and little boys will learn to be dominated and manipulated by women. The evidence is often seen early in children. It’s known as little girl being bossy and a little boy having a lack in confidence.

I’m not advocating for men to degrade their women or rule with an arm fist. Marriage is a partnership. Wives if you’re unhappy with a decision your husband made, talk it out and be open to agree to disagree. No screaming, crying, throwing a tantrum – talk it out like two adults. If your husband made a mistake, this is not the time to make life worst – even if the mistake effects the house.

Marriage should never be a competition with one person in control at all times. Taking a back seat and understanding you both do things in a marriage that the other won’t agree with. At no time does a wife have the right to punish their husband. Unless it’s one of those freaky things and you’re both in to it.

Many of you will ponder if I’m married. Answer; no I am not. And the fact you’ll use that to devalue this article is further proof your wife ruins your life or you are the controlling wife. Tah.