Why Would God Intervene In a Matter You’ve Caused?

Why Would God Intervene In a Matter You’ve Caused?

It’s mind bottling when logging on to Facebook to find a Facebook friend soliciting for prayers. Knowing damn well the situation was totally in their control.

Never have I claimed to be a religious zealot. I have admitted to growing up in a very religious home. Recently my life has gone down a road of more faith-base living than religious. The way so many religions are policed, I find conforming to the requirements set by a religion to be wrong. Especially when the religion is predicated on a fair and all loving God.

With that being said, one thing I have taken away from my religious past life and it continues into my faith living understanding – you don’t call on God to get you out of situations you’ve purposely gotten yourself into.

It’s mind bottling when logging on to Facebook, scrolling through my wall, to find a Facebook friend soliciting for prayers. Knowing damn well the situation they are in was totally within their control. Though they never mention the exact situation.

For example. Someone gets a new job, the job isn’t what they envisioned it to be so they quit. Forty-five days later the courts have filed an eviction notice, so they take to social media and ask for prayers out of their “situation”.

To me this is an avoidable scenario. Everyone with a forth grade or higher education knows you don’t quit a job and expect to keep your living situation the same. Unless you are independently wealthy. (if that’s the case my sponsor links are on the right side of your screen).

If you have no income, you can’t pay your rent or mortgage, so the banks and landowners want their property back. Banks and landowners are not in the charity business; they are in the business of making money for which you have none.

Going to your Facebook page and posting a status that you need prayers and that you’ve got the faith this situation will work out with Gods help, is nothing more than a pity party invitation.

Why would God intervene in a situation you had full control over?

If you don’t believe in God I’ll put it this way. Newton’s third law – for ever action there is a reaction.

You can’t expect something completely out of nothing. There isn’t a religion known to man that teaches its followers; if you screw up your life God will crack open the skies and deliver you out of it. For the most part, religions teach how to avoid difficult situations through faith and understanding.

Grant it – life happens. Some scenarios you don’t see coming, its called life. Those are the kinds of situations I believe God will intervene in. Most of life situations are considered “test of your faith”. Which then, calling on prayers to be joined with your prayers is the perfect answer to the testing of your faith.

The good book says, this life is already filled with problems* – don’t add to it by making stupid choices and decisions then turning around and seeking the hand of God to pull you out of it. To make things even more pretentious, some social media cry outs come from people that haven’t darkened a doorstep of a church in years. Now they want prayer. You’re silly ass should have been praying years ago and you probably wouldn’t be in the situation your needing prayers to get out of. I’m just saying.

*John16:33 NIV