Teacher Appreciation Should Be a Standard in Every Community

Teacher Appreciation Should Be a Standard in Every Community

Teachers no longer get the credit they use to. Giving them a trending hashtag and a few mentions on the news is okay, but it’s not enough.

We have perfected giving a name to a random day. Coming up with a hashtag and getting it to trend on social media. The meanings behind those days are sometimes lost in the social media hype machine. Especially when it comes to the teachers in our country.

For years we have experienced the shocking happenings of school shootings. We hurry to the aid of the children, and rightly so. But often we overlook the people who are the front liners… the educators… our teachers.

Being a teacher in 2016 has to be on the top ten worst jobs list. Teachers are handcuffed from being able to effectively and creatively teach. With parents standing at the ready for the slightest misstep by a teacher so they can lawyer up; it’s a job hazard not foreseen ten or so years ago. I’ve mentioned on my radio show, FatGuyRadioShow, my parents often took the side of the teacher. At times literally sitting on the same side of the desk with them in a parent teacher conference which turned into more of a united front against me. It worked. Here I am today.

Teachers no longer get the credit they use to. Today they are abused than appreciated. Giving them a trending hashtag and a few mentions on the news is okay, but it’s not enough. Power and control needs to be reinstated to our teachers. The community support restored to schools. Federal and state funding restored to schools. We can’t promise every child an education when there are frighten, bullied, powerless teachers waiting for them in the classroom.

I agree there are some bad apples on the trees where teachers come from. Some teachers have gone too far, even to the point of breaking the law. That’s going to happen. I don’t condone those actions, but by shear chance it’s unreasonable to assume every teacher will be the best teacher. That’s also where the community comes in. The risk of unlawful situations taking place between our teachers and children are lessened by positive parent and community involvement.

Teachers are not baby sitters. Their purpose is to not only educate our children, they are the essential life line for this country’s future. We can no longer place the expectation of our teachers to teach our children under the threat of “if my child is upset at anything I’ll sue”. There should be a federal law that prohibits federally funded schools and certified teachers to be engulfed in frivolous lawsuits.

Finally, teachers and educators belong on our school campuses. Not police or sheriffs deputies, unless making a presentation to the children about law enforcement. It’s has gotten so out of control that OUR children are so brazen and insolent that our teachers feel the need for law enforcement involvement to deal with OUR children. This is an unprecedented never before contrived occurrence. If a child, no matter what age, is that fearless it’s a clear representation of a parental failure. I don’t care where the child came from, there neighborhood, economic status, sexual orientation, race or gender. Law enforcement involvement due to a child’s behavior is a parental fail.

On this National Teacher Appreciation Day I charge everyone to extend teacher appreciation past today, past tomorrow and past our internet browsers. Take a day off work and spend it at your child’s school. No matter their age. Grade school, High school and even College. Show your child you support and stand with their teacher. You’d be surprised how welcoming our nation’s schools are to parent involvement.

Sit with your child, discuss with them what they appreciate about their teacher(s). Then write it down and put it on a wall of your home to be seen every day by you and your child.

National Teacher Appreciation Day should be more than just a day, their appreciation should be a standard in every community across this great country.