LeBron James, King or Kia Jester

LeBron James, King or Kia Jester

A breakdown of the controversial “The Truth” Kia TV campaign claiming the NBA superstar drives a Kia K900.

Five minutes on any sports related TV show and you’ll see one of the three Kia commercials where LeBron James swears up and down he drives a Kia to get around. In one commercial LeBron responds to a tweet that bets $10,000,000 LeBron doesn’t roll up to games in a Kia.

Well, the US News and World Reports recent featured article on the front page of MSN.com “Drive Like an NBA Superstar” further supports the idea LeBron James in fact does not own a Kia.

Your King may be a liar and Kia paid him to become one.

Now before you take to the comments section and attack over your beloved orange ball shooting – wennie flashing – leave Ohio return to Ohio all is forgotten King, I did a little research to determine if this was just a rouse for US News and World Reports to show off some expensive cars. Well the outcome wasn’t what one would hope.

Lebron James Not Driving A KiaAfter Googling LeBron James Cars; cheatsheet.com had a detailed article of 10 vehicles LeBron bought and forgot. It’s a very impressive list of automobiles. The list included a Lamborghini Aventador, a Porsche 911, a Hummer H2, a Mercedes S63, a dodge challenger STR, and a Jeep to name a few. Interestingly enough, a Kia K900 was not listed in this article released on May 02, 2016.

The Kia commercial showcasing LeBron James answering Trey Herbert’s tweet about him not driving a Kia was posted on YouTube December 3, 2015 and has over 340,000 views. Most of the comments on the YouTube video, posted by Kia Motors America, rips Kia and LeBron for lying.

On a side note Trey Herbert, @TH__3 does appear to be a real twitter user. According to his bio, Trey is a season ticket holder for the Indian Pacers. What’s strange are the hundreds of replies to Trey calling him out to pay up… when quite possibly its LeBron who may owe Trey. Since LeBron was paid $45 mil for his Kia endorsement, $10 mil to Trey should come easy.

Before I fully tarnish the crown of the self proclaimed King rendering him an over compensated Kia poser, I went back to search for older articles between December 2015 and May 2016 that would prove LeBron owns a Kia. Unfortunately for you LeBron apologist the Ohio high school graduate does not own a Kia, according to reports.

But wait, there’s a sensible resolution to the Kia caper of K900 proportions. LeBron has driven a Kia. In the commercial LeBron is seen driving a Kia and in a court of law that is substantial proof that LeBron “drives a Kia”. The tweet nor the commercial claimed LeBron OWNS a Kia.

No matter how contrive this entire thing may be – the hairline recession owner is on tape driving a Kia. Even if for a few seconds in a 40 second commercial. No argument LeBron James drove a K900. But there is a 10000% chance that a Kia K900 is not own, registered, maintained and driven daily by LeBron James- which the Kia commercial leads you to believe. This is also in-spite of the commercial series being title “The Truth” campaign.