Cox Cable Service Will Now Require, the Mini Box

The New Cox Mini Box

Cox Cable Service Will Now Require, the Mini Box


It's required for Arizona and many other locations throughout the country. Plugging directly into the wall is going away and it cost you more!


You’ve spent the money on that HD TV and you may not have gotten everything out of it, but at least it hasn’t cost you any more money. Don’t worry though, Cox Communications will rectify that with their new Mini Box.

Cox Communications will require all their active and future customers to buy additional set-top mini boxes in order to have cable TV channels on existing TVs. For now you’ve simply connected the TV to the wall via coaxial cable if you’ve opt’d out of the big cable box or DVR and just had basic cable.

You’ve probably been made aware that Cox is upgrading to a full digital signal. Even for basic cable subscribers. Cox says, they are doing this to allow more bandwidth that will be required as TVs become more advanced. Like the high resolution of 4K. And as the internet becomes more demanding.

However, its going to cost you. Not much. But it will cost and that cost will add up depending on how many televisions you have in your home. In addition, it doesn’t matter if they’re HD or not.

Cox will give you the first mini box for free, but if you’re like me and have multiple TV’s in your house – get ready to shell out an extra $3 per tv every month. Sound familiar, it should, because its the same business model of Direct TV™ and DishNetwork™. You can’t have their services on any TV that doesn’t have one of their boxes and you’re charged monthly for each box.

During a recent visit to a Cox store in Phoenix, Arizona. The representative told me that Cox Communication is the last of the major cable TV providers to go all digital. Leading me to feel as if Cox has been doing us all a favor by dragging their feet.

August 2016 is when Arizona TVs that don’t have one of these boxes will go dark. Leaving that pricey HD TV completely useless – unless you have a smart TV with Netflix, Vimeo or Amazon Instant Video.

Oh yeah, those TV’s require an internet connection which is also offered by Cox… with a box modem starting at $6 a month on top of your internet package.

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  1. Cox sucks! Everyone knows this – they don’t care, they just want your money. Every nickle and dime.

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