Come November 8th, Come

Come November 8th, Come

Are you like many Americans, wishing November 8, 2016 to come so we can vote and see the end to this cavalcade of political repartee? Appears as if this presidential election has been going on for an eternity.

I’m exhausted and beat down with it all. I refrain from entertaining a conversation with anyone about this presidential election, because emotions swarm and anger erupts. This form of mindset mirrors the years of kingdoms overthrowing kingdoms in the late 1400s. In those days if you came across someone that wasn’t from your land or supported your cause they’d be killed and the spoils taken to the king. These days we kill with our words.

This is an unprecedented time in our countries history. You want November eighth to come, see how the votes render, then deal with the outcome. Like the old adage “we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it”. Well damn-it I’m tired of running to the bridge. Can we get Elon Musk to build us a bullet train to get there quicker so we can cross?

Though I may stand alone, I’m discomfited by all this rhetoric. Where is the presidential decorum, prestige, and refinement? Not just referring to one candidate… all of them. They’re asking us to let them control this country, you’d think they’d have more class than what we’ve seen. If this is new norm, will the election of 2028 include an open air coliseum and lanceas?

I understand the “no more politicians approach”. I’m as sick of politic-ing as you are, but I also don’t want a loose cannon no-wing’r running this country I’m raising a family in. Being the crazy drunk friend on the way to church then trying to preach to your friends when you get there is not the way to handle it. Meaning, you can’t campaign unkempt then become presidential once elected. People are going to expect the same drunk you were on the campaign trail when in office.

Please baby Jesus let this come to an end. I, for one, have had enough. This is the mother-eff’n United States of America… have we forgotten that!