Branded Company Emails Increase Trust amongst Potential New Customers

Branded Company Emails Increase Trust amongst Potential New Customers

Small business owners, everyone knows emails are free, plentiful and popular. But making @gmail your primary email address to conduct business is a wrong turn on the road of trustworthy perception.

I live and survive in the world of the internet and on a daily basis, almost hourly, I receive emails from companies both big and small offering services that might benefit what I do. However, when I expand their email address to find “” I become very cautious. Lowering the probability of purchasing services from that individual or company to zero. My staff is instructed to screen through email that don’t have branded emails as well.

Why? Because anyone can sign up for a gmail account. There is nothing wrong with having a gmail account for standard mass communications. FatGuyRadioShow and many of the BDB Radio Network shows use gmail accounts for fan interactions, however when we are conducting business that can or will lead to the exchange of money or intellectual properties we have branded emails. BDB Radio Network requires that all business-to-business interactions be done securely through our branded emails.

It’s a sense of security. People feel more confident with a branded email than a generic email that could possibly be connected to any of the nefarious individuals that prey on small business owners.

A branded email is very simple. Example of a non-branded email address is “”. Example of a branded email address sis “”. An even better branded email would be “” If I saw a service offer email from Andy and this was his return address, his chances of entering into a potential sale just skyrocketed.

Pay the extra for the branded server protected emails service that is most likely offered by your websites host. Your chances for garnering my attention increases with a branded email, I’m sure others feel the same way. Here’s the kicker, even Gmail offers a branded email package!