Bernie Mac Speaks Serious Truth – ‘Don’t Laugh At People Who Fix Yo Food’

Bernie Mac Speaks Serious Truth – ‘Don’t Laugh At People Who Fix Yo Food’

It’s nothing new for Bernie Mac to offer up words of wisdom to a sold-out audience but sometimes his truth is just way too on point. Many people know him from his stand-up but – real talk – he was more than just a comedian; this man was a legend in the making. Never one to take the PC route, the video below delves into the wild world of race and acceptance.

This man was able to bring together all kinds of people by keeping it as real as possible and he never apologized for being unapologetically himself! You already know it’s going down when you see a picture of this comedian holding the mic but on this night, he was on a whole other level. Not a single member of the audience was free from his rant and this equal opportunity heckling was definitely a known characteristic for the Mac.

Touching on all races was only the beginning and by the time he gets down to the nitty gritty, you will be ready for this sound advice: no matter what, never make fun of people that handle your food and always be willing to be the subject of a joke during a live comedy performance.

Check it out below and remember these wise words the next time you are at a Chinese restaurant and a waiter mispronounces your order because if you laugh, it just might make for more than an uncomfortable experience in the long run. . .

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