Wild Horse West Burger Review

Wild Horse West Burger Review

Self proclaimed “best burger in town” I visited Wild Horse West Burger in north Peoria, Arizona. A 25 minute drive, to experience their burger. Video review.

Wild Horse Hamburgers

Wild Horse West Burger Review


You'll never believe what I found in my food.



Self proclaimed “best burger in town” I visited Wild Horse West Burger in north Peoria, Arizona. A friend suggested I take a 25 minute drive out there to experience their burgers. Here is my review of Wild Horse West burger.

Many friends have told me about the best burger place in Arizona, so I took a trip out to Wild Horse West. Here is what I experienced.

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  1. R Hinrichs

    Dang Cory I think a little less of you see you went to a place like that. Choose better.

  2. Handle Mars

    WTH! I would of kept the hair and sued them. Shut that place down for good. So many of my friends have gotten sick from eating there. I grill better backyard burgers.

  3. From the video it looks like an old western state type of place but I’ll steer clear of it if you found hair.

  4. Isreal M

    You are Cory Blaze – what the hell possessed you to go there? I would like to hear your review on Hula’s Modern Tiki in downtown Phoenix. Stay white Cory don’t slum at places like Wild Horse West bacteria, I mean burgers.

  5. That place is horrific. Middle of no where and they just don’t care because the people that go there don’t care. Close this place down and put up a QT.

  6. Cory you should of read some of the yelp comments. This place is hated by some and beloved by others. I’ve been once, never again for me. Too dirty, out dated, and its so true the wait staff does not wear hairnets nor does the cook. I was shocked to see golfers strolling in there. They must not care much for quality maybe its all about the experience. Never going back and no one should.

  7. This place sucked! Where is the health department? It should be condemned.

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