Gigantic Minion Terrorizing Dublin

Gigantic Minion Terrorizing Dublin

A found footage-style horror film that’s truly terrifying. From family-friendly to a loose out of control vicious no mercy attack of a 40ft… yellow minion?

Earlier this week, Minions went from family-friendly animated smash hit to dystopian nightmare when a 40-foot-tall inflatable facsimile of the titular yellow creature came loose from its rope fastenings and terrorized the streets of Dublin. The Irish capital was sent into disarray by the rampaging monster, which caused traffic delays and minor automobile damage while burning unforgettable images into the psyche of innocent Dubliners.

Thanks to cell phone video caught by a brave local, Dónal Sharpson — who drove right into the literal belly of the beast — the rest of the world can share fully in the terror that news reports and videos could only partially convey.

Sharpson recorded the footage out of his car window, achieving a frightening close-up with the snidely grinning yellow monster as it rolled carelessly into traffic, putting countless human lives at risk. The screams in his video will echo through your mind all morning and likely long into the evening and then into your subconscious, creating a Pavlovian sense of dread every time you see the color yellow.