Fake Me

Fake Me

First ever attempt at free verse poetry. This was spawned by a conversation with a unknown person. Enjoy.

Fake Me
By Cory Blaise

Its not like I don’t know who I am
When I open my eyes, when I wash my face, when I dress myself… there is a person I see and that person is me.
The world sees what I want the world to see.
Some try to transpose who I am by what I say and what I do
But you’d be shocked to know what lies underneath, shocked to know the truth.

See there is another side, like when a band releases a album and there is a track you weren’t expecting.
When you flipped it over, you discovered more than what was on the cover.
I am that track, the one the radio doesn’t play, the track that only the true-dyhard fans ever discover.
Until it breaks on the world wide web then the secret it out. Nothing special about the hidden.
For it has become uncovered, released, spotlit, left out for all to consume

You’d be surprised, or maybe not, to learn that though my hair is real, my weight is real, my heartbeat is real
But parts of me are fake. I call it the fake me.
The fake lies deep within the person that is me
The fake dwels in the darkness of my lifes basement.
Now your world is upside down, right? You thought I had it all. The money, the life, the love, the world – so now you’re left questioning the validity of it all.

Have no fear, I with you in those thoughts; those expression.
See the fake me is confused as well. Its fear of you is matched by your fear of it.
Judgment wouldn’t be the best road to take, as you see, you have yet to release your fake me.
Don’t be jealous, filled with green hate, don’t fill yourself on what you think is my mistake.
I’ve discovered my fake.
I’m proud of its success in laying low, staying covered, muttering to itself.
When you happen upon your fake, what smell will come out its mouth.
Take your photos, tweet, hashtag, buzz and instagram to your hearts desire.
The time you invest on discovering my fake me, will remove you from the chase of catching your fake me.