Reason. Season. Lifetime.

Quantum physicist have postulated that the way we experience time is an allusion, it doesn’t happen in a linear way, that the past and present in reality there is no difference.

Time on this planet is precious, time with other people is precious, time with people that hold a special meaning is priceless. My grandmother once told me everyone fits into three categories in our lives. Reason. Season. Lifetime.

People we encounter on this journey we call life come to bring reason to our lives. Once the reason is learned those people move one.

The ones that come into our lives for a season are just like seasons, they come in and then they change.

And then there are those that come in for a lifetime. There individuals no matter what reasons arise or how the seasons change they are there forever.

No matter what category a person fits into they all serve a purpose to our lives. We must cherish the reason, the season, and the lifetime no matter what. We must stand outside the scope of our own pain. Though the tears may flow, we must find the strength in the category to push through, maintain, and hold close.

I had a very special friend whom I loved dear. That presented me with a high level of angst, wonder, and confusion. But through all that the reason for our encounter was served and left a lasting impression upon my life. The reason was fulfilled and now he must move on to serve the next person their reason.

Through it all, the hurt, the feelings of lost, anger, and confusion, I still stand to say thank you. Thank you for bringing the appropriate reason in my season that will effect the rest of my lifetime.

Cory Blaze

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  1. Damn man! Deep. Snaps.

  2. Inglis Y

    Wow Cory. This was powerful. The pain in this piece resonates through. Who ever you lost it must have left you hurt. Wow Cory, just wow! I applaud you for being so bold to release something so private.

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