YouTube Rant (Audible)

YouTube Rant (Audible)

It’s gone too far and I’m pissed about it. YouTube and their copyright policy skirt blowing in the wind. I take on the video giant with my rant over their overly abusive cowardliness behind their copyright policy.

They may be the social media mega stars, its proven throughout history; the bigger they are the harder they fall. In this audible post you’ll hear my personal encounter with YouTube’s and how I feel about their recent increased policing.

If you’ve experienced something with YouTube, outside of pure slander, share it in the comments section. Join with me in reminding this large corporation just who made them a large corporation… the backend users.

Note to YouTube rep: Contact Me Here


In the recent days the gaming publishers have become outraged over the automated YouTube copyright clampdown. Game publishers like Ubisoft, Capcom, Blizzard, Deep Silver and other game publishers had remained quiet over the censorship but now has vowed to step up and support the over zealous copyright policing computer.

Big YouTube gamer pages like  TheRadBrad who has nearly 2m subscribers and TetraNinja who has some 500,000 subscribers, prompted a response from game publishers as their screen captured videos began to get ripped off YouTube.

But keep in mind, this policing computer still only targets YouTube pages that are YouTube affiliates. Meaning, the pages that YouTube pays. And as mentioned in the audio post, removing the video lessens the monetary requirement of YouTube.

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  1. YouTube sucks, that’s why I use Vimeo. It’s only $60. Cory go over to Vimeo, your videos belong there.

  2. Stay cool Adam. Pam is entitled to her opinion as well. It’s an open forum.

  3. Jacob Landry

    I totally agree with the part about taking the time to edit a video. It seems like YouTube pays more attention to those videos than they do the horrible “homemade” vids. Clearly a valid point. I’m a video editor on the side, all my videos have HD quality footage and sound. My projects get flagged all the time and most of the music used is original scores I write that may sound like a copyright score. Thing about it is, there is no way to contact YouTube to prove your not violating the policy. I’ve since started a Vimeo page and I pay for it, but the peace of mind is so worth the money.

  4. YouTube offered me to monitize my videos, then like two months later the copyright police were all over them. Half of all my videos were blocked from making money and I could no longer upload videos longer than 15 minutes.

  5. Best line, “YouTube being the YouTube’ist”. I lol. Cory makes a point, they do take you’re money away. That’s a penalty to me.

  6. I bet YouTube don’t say anything about this. Only cause they don’t care. This dude posted a link to his email calln YouTube out. Bet it goes directly to him too. YouTube ain’t gon say nuthing cause they don’t care. They gettin they money. I stopped using that site after they changed everything. Stupid. Glad someone had to nerve to step up and tell em. Too bad they ain’t hearin it though

  7. Damn. This guy sounds pissed. He has a right to be, I know I would too.

  8. M. Yabara

    Damn, its about time someone stepped up to say something about YouTube. It’s so frustrating for me as well. I can’t tell you how many vids I’ve posted on YouTube just to get them blocked or taken down. It’s not like we’re saying this is our music, we wrote it and own it. If anything an artist should be happy someone liked their music enough to use it in a project. And that non-pro uploads make it past the copyright policies – that is so true. I feel your frustration man, totally.

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